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We offer a rich variety of benefits, and a thoughtful sound approach to plan design that helps clients develop a winning and long-term solution for their benefit programs.  But wait – our service is not limited to plan design and implementation!  Make sure to visit our HR Services page to find out why many clients refer to us as an extension of the HR department.

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Traditional Benefits Group Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Long Term Care

Traditional Group Benefits

Following are details of the more traditionally employer sponsored Group Benefits we offer, how they typically work and what coverage they may provide.

Non-Traditional Benefits Partially or Fully Self-Funded Plans, Premium Only Plans (POPs), Cafeteria Plans (FSAs)

Non-Traditional Group Benefits

The following non-traditional group benefits offer a great tax savings in addition to other advantages to both employers and employees. Click the links below for specific details.

Employee Wellness Lower premiums, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee productivity.

Wellness in the Workplace

Repeated national surveys show that employers who promote wellness oriented work environments benefit from lower premiums, reduced absenteeism, and an increase in employee productivity, morale and overall satisfaction.

GBS will help you incorporate wellness benefits at little or no cost and further help to keep your employees engaged in these programs.

Employees enjoy the following types of wellness benefits designed to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Diet, Nutrution, Exercise & Physical Fitness
  • Financial Fitness
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • TeleMedicene & other Preventative Medicene
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
Voluntary Benefits A wide variety of coverages that supplement employer paid benefits.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits help employees manage financial risk and will enhance your employer paid benefits by providing protection that goes beyond traditional health benefits. These supplemental benefits are 100% covered by the employee, but are offered at a special discounted “group-rate” and they are conveniently paid through pre-taxed payroll deductions.  Voluntary Benefits are easy to set up and manage, and surveys consistently show that employers who offer them have a higher rate of employee satisfaction.  Click the links below for more information on the specific types of voluntary benefits you may want to offer to your employees.

Key Person Benefits Tailored to wrap around the group plan for key executives.

Key Person Benefits / Executive Planning

Regular group life and disability insurance often only cover a fraction of the owner and its executives’ salaries.  Key Person Life, Disability Insurance and Buy/Sell Agreements are tailored with protection for key personnel whose continuation in the business is crucial to its success. Key Person polices can be customized to wrap around the group plan for key executives, which protects the business and the executive’s family in the event of a sudden critical illness or death.

Other Benefits Retirement Programs, EAPs, Telemedicine

Other Benefits

  • Retirement Plans (401k Traditional, Safe-Harbor, Profit Sharing, Roth)
  • TeleMedicene – cost saving strategy to help promote wellness. You can connect to a licensed doctor by phone, within minutes. Get the same care and pay only a fraction of an office visit.
  • Employee Assistance Programs – benefits that provide professional mental counselors, financial experts and other resources to help employees with workplace stress, personal issues and problems.  EAPs effectively work to eliminate obstacles that prevent an employee from thriving in the workplace.

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