Welcome to GBS

Located in Greenville, SC and serving both large and small employers, our services are designed to help clients develop a long-term strategy and solution to the ever rising and burdensome costs and regulations that go hand-in-hand with employee benefits.

Our benefit consultants are industry experts, each having an average of 25 years of employee benefit and health insurance experience. Through thoughtful review, analysis and strategic planning, we help employers succeed in offering robust and competitive benefits that fit their organization and its employee’s needs, while also aligning with fiscal responsibilities and overall company goals.



A Few Of Our Services

Benefit Design

Innovative and finely-tuned plan design that begins with a survey of our clients’ unique needs, and follows through with strategic monitoring to ensure their goals are being reached.

Implementation & Communication

We conduct in person employee enrollment meetings and provide valuable benefit information to our clients’ employees designed to help them maximize and appreciate their benefits.

HR Services & Compliance

We assist with new hires, terminations, carrier, network and other issues related to our client’s benefit programs.  We also help clients to be more compliant with state and federal regulations, while remaining productive.

Convenient Benefit Technology

Our clients enjoy a complementary benefits portal/ website that is customized and branded for each individual client, and greatly increases the effectiveness of their employee benefits communication.

What Clients Say